Water Features

Water Features

No matter the size of the water feature we can help. From the koi ponds to large commercial aquatic projects. We have the experience and expertise, allowing us to work with clients of all sizes. Offering them solutions that provide a top-level service from concept to completion.

We specify, quote and supply products such as:

  • Garden ornamental Ponds
  • Koi Ponds
  • Lakes
  • Waterfalls
  • Letterboxes and Rills

Additionally, we stock and supply and wide range of equipment including:

  • Pond Pumps
  • Water Feature Pumps
  • Pond Filtration Systems
  • Aerators
  • Pond and Garden Lights

Lake Management

We provide a broad spectrum of lake management solutions such as aerators, skimmers, filtration systems, and decorative floating fountains.

Implementing the correct equipment is fundamental when preventing and stopping troubles such as dirty water, duckweed, blanketweed and algae. Inspired By Water have a team of professionals who can plan, quote, supply and install across the whole of the UK. We are key suppliers of Otterbine Fountains and Aerators and Oase systems.

Why is lake management important?

There are many Influences which affect water quality such as:

  • Location
  • Age
  • Sunlight
  • Shape, water depth and design
  • Supply of natural swimming pool filtration systems and equipment
  • Wildlife such as fish and waterfowl

Many of these factors are difficult or outside of control, however, still have powerful effects over the water quality. Poorly maintained, managed or even neglected lakes and ponds, can transform from an oligotrophic state (low in excess nutrients) to eutrophic state (high in nutrients and algae populous) in a very brief period. Resulting in beautiful pristine lakes and ponds quickly rising into problematic and costly endeavours to correct.

Pond Liners

We only use highest quality materials and brands, which inlude Firestone Pondgard and Greenseal SealEco. We manufacture using PVC pond liners in 0.8mm and Rubber pond liners in 0.75mm and 1mm.

We sell the following types of pond liners:

  • Flat Sheet Pond Liners
  • PVC, EPDM, Rubber and Butyl
  • Lake Liners
  • Boxwelded Pond Liners and Custom Made Pond Liners
  • Pond Underlay
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